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Rights and Duties

Rights of Employees

Every employee in CXIC has the following basic rights, including right of consultation, suggestion right, democratic management right and self-development right.
On the premise of fulfilling his responsibilities, an employee has the right to consult the company on the issues prescribed by the company that are related to his own interests, and the company is responsible for giving a reasonable explanation and description to him.
Employees have the reasonable suggestion right to improve the company’s operation and management.
Employees have the right to participate in the democratic management of the company.
Employees have the rights of self-development, including self-learning opportunities and opportunities to participate in the company training. The company creates conditions for its employees’ development.


Employees’ Obligations

Observing national laws and regulations and relevant rules and regulations of the company as well as various management rules of the department one belongs to.
Following the principle of corporate interests first, consciously safeguarding the interests and image of the company, and strictly keeping the company's business secrets.
Employees should actively carry out work by centering on the Group's objective and department tasks, and are basically required to do their own work well.
When doing their work well, the employees should also be aware of that most work belongs to team work and needs individual to give cooperative assistance to realize team goal.
The employees are required to comply with the Group's management systems and cannot exert one’s individualism by acting on one’s own will, being disorganized and undisciplined.
It is impossible for the management systems of the Group to reach out to every single detail. Therefore, the employees are required to have active awareness and dedicated spirit.
Employees have an obligation to go over their direct supervisor to truly report malpractice and errors in management. But the reports that go over their direct supervisor should bear responsibilities for their own actions and consequences.