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CXIC signed strategic cooperation agreement with Sherwin-Williams


On November 9, 2017, Mr. Pan Chuanrong, Chairman of CXIC Group, and Mr. John Morikis, Chairman, President and CEO of Sherwin-Williams met in charming Changzhou together with their top management teams and formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which opened up a new era of strategic cooperation between CXIC and Sherwin-Williams.

CXIC started cooperation with Valspar as early as 2012. They worked together and coordinated with each other for many years. In fact, they once joined hands to promote the application technology of waterborne paint for containers. Today, Valspar has become one part of Sherwin-Williams. Valspar offers good quality and reliable products, traditional and innovative technologies, careful and dedicated services. Combining all-round product solutions with Valspar’s advantages, Sherwin-Williams will carry out long-term in-depth strategic cooperation with CXIC to advance the fulfillment of both parties’ strategic goals.

Under the pressure of increasingly stricter environmental requirements in China, all container coatings have been switched to waterborne paint since April 1, 2017. Container manufacturing has become a forerunner of “oil-based paint changing to water-based paint”. This in-depth strategic cooperation will provide a good opportunity for CXIC to improve coating technologies and fulfill environmental responsibilities in practice. It is believed that sticking to the philospophy of sincere cooperation for mutual benefits and win-win results, both parties will no doubt offer newer waterborne coating experience, higher environmental value and better service to the customers.