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NXIC celebrated the completion and operation of relocated container manufacturing project


To satisfy the needs of planning of local government, with vigorous support from various cooperating units, NXIC’s relocating container manufacturing project was completed and put into production on schedule. On the morning of May 18, 2017, a production commencement ceremony was held in the new plant with the presence of CXIC’s Chairman Mr. Pan Chuanrong, Vice Chairman Mr. Shan Xinghai and Mr. Zhou Quanfa, Vice President Zhang Yuqiang and President Assistant Mr. Zhang Tao, principals of all its departments and all subsidiaries as well as NXIC’s employee representatives.

In the celebration speech, Chairman Mr. Pan Chuantong first affirmed the brilliant performance NXIC has made over the past 14 years, including a total production of 1,150,000 standard containers, output value of RMB14.8 billion and export volume of over USD2 billion and so on. The first phase of NXIC’s production line had accomplished its glorious historical mission on the day of March 30th when it stopped production and was relocated.

The chairman also pointed out in his speech, during the 8-month-long construction process, the relocation and construction team, headed by Mr. Zhou Hongwei, Executive Deputy General Manager, undertook the relocation project with a strong sense of mission and responsibility. They considered safe construction and project quality assurance as prerequisite and accomplished the honorable task safely and smoothly through hard work day and night based on excellent skills and precise management in the spirit of teamwork. He extended sincere gratitude to their efforts on behalf of the board. He showed deep appreciation to for the contribution made by all departments, all management levels, various kinds of technicians and employees of NXIC and technicians as support from associated factories during the relocation and construction process. In addition, he also expressed great thanks and sincere greetings to the local government and infrastructure construction companies, and equipment suppliers for their strong support and coordination throughout the process.

Chairman also depicted a wonderful vision in the speech. The completion ceremony was an important historic moment for CXIC, a start for new business of NXIC. He hoped all NXIC management levels to carry forward the team spirit, make good use of its unique geographical advantages and first-class equipment of the industry, strong capital strength and excellent employees. He also hoped them to take that day as the start to create another glory thus upgrade and reform corporate management aiming at the trinity system of “health, safety and environment” in order to achieve leading positions in the industry in product quality and output, cost control and economic benefit, enterprise image and management level. In this way, NXIC will make new achievements and new contribution to the development of group.

With the chairman’s blessing, main group leaders lit up the starting balls amid enthusiastic cheers and applause, which indicated the formal operation of the new production line of NXIC.

NXIC’s new plant is located at Lingang Industrial Zone, Chaiqiao, Xiapu, Beilun District, covering a land of 250,000 square meters with a floor area of over 60,000 square meters, product stack yard of more than 100,000 square meters. Its total investment is RMB 280,000,000. The container production line adopts many advanced automatic and semi-automatic facilities and manufacturing technique of water-based paint. It becomes the first new environmental manufacturing enterprise after implementing the coating process of “water-based paint changed from oil-based paint” to meet the requirements of upgrading of domestic container industry.