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CXIC attended Intermodal Asia 2017


On March 21, 2017, Intermodal Asia 2017 was held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center jointly by Informa Exhibition Group (Informa), China Container Industry Association (CCIA) and the Integrated Transport Federation of China Communication and Transportation Association (CCTA). During the three-day exhibition, thousands of industry elites from over 70 countries came together for the exchange of ideas, negotiation of businesses and future development of the industry.

During its “Industry Leaders Strategy Summit” and “Technology and Innovation Forum”, experts of container transportation and intermodal industry from all over the world made discussions about strategic trends and issues of the global market. Its environmental protection forum was focused on the problems posed to China's container industry by the transformation into water-borne paint system including: economic influences on the plant and purchaser, selection of paint system, and influence on production volume upon adoption of water-based paint system; current technical problems like “flash-rust” and their solutions. Overseas Marketing Director of CXIC Group Ms. Gao Min delivered a keynote speech of “Changing from Solvent-based Paint to Water-based Paint”.

The top management of CXIC Group and all its subsidiaries participated in the “Intermodal Asia 2017”. During the exhibition, CXIC team had friendly meetings and wide communication with representatives of leading enterprises and suppliers in logistics field across the world, learning technical innovations and achievements of the industry and listening to opinions of experts, which helped us to understand the status quo of the industry and explore latest industry trends.

With China’s increasingly significant status in the global container intermodal business, the“Intermodal Asia” has continued since the “Intermodal Exhibition” moved to China on its Asian journey in 2014. Previous exhibitions have attracted over 100 enterprises and nearly ten thousand professional visitors from more than 70 countries across the world, which proves that the intermodal business in China even in Asia has brought vitality to the exhibition. It has become an important platform for China and global industry partners to consolidate relationships with current customers and establish cooperation with new customers.